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HOW TO Disable Google Buzz

Posted in Google Buzz by stoneatwine on March 15, 2010

Since Google Buzz was launched, a big number of people have complained about it.

Maybe you were unhappy with Buzz privacy settings which were confusing and you couldn’t tell if your information was public or private.

Or you already use Twitter and Facebook and you are not ready to take on another social networking service.

You might even not be happy with having Buzz within Gmail.

Whatever your reason is, here is how to disable Google Buzz

1. Click Settings at the top right of your Gmail page

2. Click the Buzz tab

3. You’ll see options for disabling Buzz on the Buzz tab. Choose the appropriate one. You can even disable Buzz completely.

4. Save changes

Another way to do it simply scroll down on you Gmail page and click turn off buzz in the Gmail View section