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HOW TO Block People On Facebook

Posted in facebook by stoneatwine on April 13, 2010

How To Block Someone On Facebook

Some people on Facebook are so annoying with their comments, status updates and other means of communication that you just want to block them and tell yourself they never existed.

Today I’m going to explain how to block that cyber bully or that annoying person completely so you never have to hear from them again.

Blocking Someone

There are 3 ways to block someone.

1. Navigate to the Facebook Privacy Settings page and click “Block List.” Enter the name or email address of the person you want to block in the appropriate field and click “Block.” You can also use the “Privacy” link from the Account Drop-down menu when you are signed in to Facebook.

After clicking the highlighted “Privacy Settings” link highlighted on the right, click the “Block List” link highlighted in the image below.

2. If you fail to search for and find that person, go to their profile page. There’s a “Report/Block this Person” link at the bottom left hand corner of their profile page. After clicking this link, check the “Block this person” box and then click “Submit.”

3. You can also block someone through the “Report” link located next to messages in your Inbox.

What Happens When You Block Someone?

A block prevents the blocked person from seeing your profile. Any Facebook ties you have with that person will be broken. You wont appear in their search results and your profile will be invisible to them. Before you block someone, take it in mind that the blocked person will also be invisible to you. It’s a two-way thing.

Also, if at any point you want to reinstate a connection with that person after removing them from your blocked list, you will have to initiate a new friend request.

Will They Know?

The Blocked person will not be notified. If you are unable to block someone using  the above method, they have probably left Facebook, restricted their privacy settings or Blocked you themselves.

What If You Can’t Find The Person You Want To Block

If you fail to find the person you want to block, you can also block that person by submitting their email address. Go to the Facebook Privacy Settings page and click “Block List.” Enter the email address of the person you want to block in the Email field and click “Block.”
If the submitted email address is associated with a Facebook account, that user will be blocked. If the address is not associated with an account, the user will be automatically blocked if they open an account in the future.


Google Buzz Explained

Posted in facebook, Google Buzz, twitter by stoneatwine on February 24, 2010

What is Google Buzz?

Google Buzz is a social networking tool built within Google’s email service Gmail. Buzz is like an RSS feed but it’s also completely social and has some Facebook-like features like sharing links, updates, pictures, and videos in real-time. It also allows us to like and comment.

Like Friendfeed

If you have used Friendfeed, (acquired by Facebook) then Buzz will be easy to grasp. Although Buzz has both Facebook and Twitter Features, it looks and works more like Friendfeed than Twitter of Facebook.

Mobile Support

Both personal computers (Mac too) and mobile devices can access Google Buzz. At a later date, Google will release Buzz for business. Buzz can also be turned on and off from inside Gmail.

Other Websites

Google Buzz allows you to add other sites like Picasa, Google Reader, Flickr, Twitter and other blogs or sites to your profile and every time a new you post from any of those sites, your content will automatically show up in Buzz.

It also sends responses to your posts straight to your Gmail inbox so you don’t get to miss out on anything of interest.

The Buzz Experience

I have found Buzz excellent for engagement. Many people who are actively using it testify to its ease of use in regards to engagement and discussions. But it is also very very noisy. Every post that gets a comment is automatically sent to the top and this makes it hard for me to keep track of things.

Google has solved the privacy issues that people were initially complaining about upon launch where Buzz would automatically follow people it deemed your ‘friends’ on your behalf.

Social Media in Business

Posted in Uncategorized by stoneatwine on February 15, 2010

Social networking is the in-thing online now. It’s so in vogue with web people that every business needs to hop on the train before it’s too late.

Social networking sites make it easier for people to stay in touch with each other and with businesses.

I would like to talk about the role that the two most popular social media sites play in business. Those two are Facebook and Twitter. The reason that today’s businesses need to join social networking sites is because that is where an increasing number of customers and potential customers are hanging out. Businesses always want to engage with customers and to attract others so these social media sites offer yet another platform for improving the customer service experience.


Some people continue to use email less and less and rely more on Facebook messages as the number one way to communicate.

Facebook has over 400 million active users with the average user spending 55 minutes on the site daily.

Facebook allows people and companies to create profiles and pages where information like status updates, links, pictures and video get shared. Using Facebook pages, groups and profiles, people, organizations and businesses form ever-expanding networks of friends and fans that constantly share information.

Businesses with a Facebook presence have a huge chance of being more connected to their clients and customers. The more fans a Facebook page has, the higher chances of interactivity.


Twitter is a micro-blogging platform where short posts (known as tweets) are sent out in real-time. Tweets are limited to 140 characters and because of this it helps to make them clear and to the point.

Users post tweets and/or follow other people, businesses or organizations. Hash tags are words or statements preceded with the # character (e.g. #Vday) that aid in searches for information on Twitter. User addresses preceded with the @ character (@StoneAtwine) are used to identify Twitter users.

Twitter has gained so much popularity that some businesses (like Dell, Starbucks, Whole Foods) have taken full advantage of its use to increase or improve their customer interaction.

Businesses can gain followers on Twitter by running giveaways, promotions and all kinds of competitions. If a business gets a big number of followers, every tweet that the business sends out has the potential of sending out a positive message to a huge number of customers.

Twitter can also be used by businesses to keep track of competitors’ plans and promotions just by following the competitors.

It can be used to engage followers and find out what they like and don’t like. It helps businesses to listen to what customers are saying and does help to even out the one-way communication route that most traditional businesses are used to.

Be Social

Friends, fans or followers on social media sites should not be treated as consumers by constantly pushing adverts down their throats. They should be engaged as real people which should help businesses maintain a human touch.

Don’t Miss Out

C.E.O’s and other decision makers may wonder why they need to take on extra work on Facebook and Twitter but social networking can only be ignored at your business’ loss because that’s where an increasing number of your customers and potential customers are hanging out.

Google Buzz Launched

Posted in Uncategorized by stoneatwine on February 10, 2010

In trying to save itself from totally being drowned out from social media scene by Facebook and Twitter, Google has – as previously rumored – launched its service, named Google Buzz.

Google Buzz makes it easy for Gmail users to share status updates and content across the web including photos and video. It will be integrated with Google’s photo-sharing site Picasa and video-sharing site YouTube.

Buzz will also have a mobile site and Google intends to launch Buzz for businesses at a later stage.

At the Tuesday press conference, Google Buzz product manager Todd Jackson said “You will automatically follow the people you e-mail and chat with on a regular basis. You will be able to share content from around the Web, including YouTube videos, Flickr photos, site links and other materials. You will be able to share your thoughts in a public way and in a private way. You will get social updates in your inbox. And Google will help you find only the stuff that matters by recommending popular content. The mobile version of Buzz can figure out where you are and show you nearby buzz posts.”

Google has so far failed to get a stronghold in social networking with its Orkut service failing miserably in other parts of the world apart from Brazil where it is hugely popular.

Even with this effort, I think Google will still struggle to beat Facebook and Twitter because I don’t see any reason anyone already using the latter two would want to sign up for Buzz.

If you don’t see Google Buzz in your Gmail, take heart because it is slowly being rolled out and all Gmail users will eventually be able to use it.

Google To Launch Social Media Feature For Gmail Users

Posted in Uncategorized by stoneatwine on February 9, 2010

The Wall Street Journal reports that Google is about to launch a Twitter and Facebook killer.

It is a feature which will make it easier for Gmail users to view and share their status updates.

Rumor has it that Google could launch this feature as soon as this week.

It should be noted that Gmail users can already update their statuses but as soon as a new update gets posted, the previous one disappears. Users will be able to see stream of updates and the feature will be integrated with YouTube and photo-sharing site Picasa.

I doubt that this will have a huge bearing on Twitter and Facebook but it will all depend on how Google delivers this one. Yahoo previously launched a feature that’s almost the same but not many people are using it.

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First Post

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My name is Stone Atwine and this is my ‘official’ blog.

I own an ICT company called BlissOne MEDIA. (I also do a drive-time radio show but that’s not very critical to this blog)  We do lots of computer related work like computer training, computer software & hardware sales, ICT consulting and outsourced online work. We also have an Internet café wing. Of late, companies and organizations have contacted me hoping to get some help with social media issues. Because of this, I decided it was time to turn this social tech blogging idea that I’ve had for a very long time into a reality. I can offer a bit of knowledge and advice in that field. I am a life long student of all things computer and a very big fan of emerging technologies.

I am sure people who have consulted me about issues concerning social sites like Facebook and Twitter have found my advice very useful. I have over 8 years experience in the ICT sector in Uganda and a number of ICT related articles have quoted me.

I will be blogging about these particular sites (and others like them) and most of my posts will be about basic tips and tricks to help enhance the experience of using them. I believe that simplicity is key to understanding this often misunderstood concept of social media. I am a news junkie and so expect a lot of social media news too; new trends in social media & ICT, services, products, apps and other news along those lines.

I am blogging to bring all things social media closer to you. So I hope you come back.

Feel free to leave comments, questions, disagreements or advice of any sort. You can also drop me an email at:

This is just the beginning.

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