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Six Ways To Increase Your Twitter Followers

Posted in twitter by stoneatwine on March 14, 2010

We all want to increase the number of followers we have on Twitter. Unless you are a celebrity or popular for other reasons besides tweeting, you have to take the slow road to Twitter stardom.

Pic courtesy of djcodrin

Here are my top six ways to gain Twitter followers.

1. Tweet Content

People will consider following you if your tweet content is informative, educative, funny or somewhat useful to them. I tend to look at a Twitterer’s stream before I decide to follow them to see if they will give any value.

2. Bio

Twitterers who fill out their bio and explain who they are and what they do gain people’s trust easily. It gives the follower a feeling that they know you already and they can trust you.

3. Be Nice and Human

I find that it’s easier for me to follow twitterers that are warm and friendly. I have had to unfollow a few people because they seemed cold and heartless just from their tweets. People who are all business no fun really don’t impress me.

4. Engage/Interact

This is almost similar to 3 above but I wanted to mention it separately. Everyone loves a conversation or argument of some kind. I have silently fallen in love with some tweeter accounts just because the people behind them are constantly talking to other people. Providing value, jokes, inspiration and many other nice things through engagement.

5. Follow Back

This is one way that can surely gain you followers but I am not a fan of. There are lots of people out there that try to follow back as many people as they can. All you have to do is follow them. Whereas this works, I think it diminishes the value of your stream. I like to see tweets that are relevant and informative to me so I never follow people just because they’ve followed me. I have to mention that there are many people who are on Twitter to send out a message but don’t read that many tweets. This is  great for those kinds of people.

6. ReTweet

Everyone loves having their tweet retweeted. If you show people some retweet love, they might show their gratefulness by following you.

Whereas none of these points is a sure way to gain thousands of followers, doing most or all of them is a good start to increasing you follower numbers.