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Why Would Twitter Fight Us, The Users?

Posted in twitter by stoneatwine on May 19, 2010

@arkarthick has brought it to my attention (by way of a tweet) that Twitter has started screening tweets with RT out of their searches.

I think this is a deliberate way of forcing us to use the official twitter retweet button that has now been around for some time.

Problem is; the official Twitter retweet button has some setbacks that make people hate to use it.

I think Twitter is going wrong here by removing information that is very vital to the twitter ecosystem.

As for now, use ‘via’, ‘TR’ or ‘R’ in place of ‘RT’ e.g. R @username. Also, mark that any retweet that you make which includes ‘RT’ will not come up in Twitter searches.

When we all agree on one way to retweet, maybe we will get a new standard. I am sure Twitter will shoot the new one down as well but let’s not give up.