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Top Ten Ways To Get You Retweeted

Posted in twitter by stoneatwine on March 23, 2010
Retweeting is posting a tweet that has already been authored by someone else. It’s usually expressed by preceding the original twitterer’s username with ‘RT’ or ‘via’. E.g. RT @Flipbooks Six Ways To Increase Your Twitter Followers by @StoneAtwine | or #How To Disable Google #Buzz| via @StoneAtwine

For various reasons, most of us want to get retweeted on Twitter.

I have compiled the top ten ways to get retweeted.

1. Share Links

Sharing links in your tweets will most probably get you retweeted. If there’s a link, it means that there’s more information attached to the tweet so it provides more value and people like to share valuable things.

2. Tweet New Information

If your tweet has information that has been around the twittersphere for some time, people will not develop an interest in the tweet and will not retweet it.

3. Don’t Swear

No one likes to share swearing language so avoid swear words as much as possible.

4. Short Tweets

Keep your tweets short. Twitter has a limit of 140 characters which must include the subject of your tweet, maybe a link, RT or via and the username of the original twitterer. Endeavor to leave enough space for the person retweeting to add your username.

5. Tweet About Twitter

Many people like to read about Twitter or to learn things about Twitter. That’s one of the reasons I’m writing this post about Twitter. People like to share information about twitter.

6. Break News

If a tweet breaks the most recent news, it will most probably get retweeted because people like to share the latest news. Imagine how the first tweet to break news of the Haiti earthquake got retweeted.

7. Please RT

Ask people to retweet your tweets. It’s amazing how big a difference people who ask for help get helped. I once asked Blair Semenoff (@Flipbooks) to retweet my tweet and it got me hundreds of retweets and more than 1000 blog visits.

8. Use

There are so many link shortening services but the most widely used is which seems to get more retweets than any other. Maybe this trend will change with time but now the biggest percentage of retweets have links.

9. Teach New Things

If your tweet has a link that teaches people how to do something, then you will get retweeted. People like to learn new things and will share them with friends.

10. Tweet Quotes

Nice quotes always get retweeted. I like to retweet interesting quotes that I find on Twitter and I’m sure so do many other people.