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Twitter Glossary – 15 Common Twitter Terms Explained

Posted in twitter by stoneatwine on March 10, 2010

Here are some common Twitter Terms that you might find helpful.

Tweet: A post made on Twitter by a user.

ReTweet or RT: Reposting something that has already been posted on the Twitter stream. RT usually precedes the original poster to give credit. E.g. RT @problogger New at ProBlogger: How to Blog: Choose a Niche for Your Blog [Why Niches are Important]

DM: This is a Direct Message sent to a twitter user. One has to follow you in order to DM them. DMs don’t appear in the public twitter stream but go directly to the receiver’s inbox.

Via: This can sometimes be used in place of RT. E.g. What are some of the good alternatives to PayPal? via @stoneatwine

Follow: If someone’s tweets appear in your stream then you are following them.

Follower: Someone who is reading your tweets

Unfollow or De-Friend: This is when someone stops reading your tweets.

@ Reply: The @ symbol is used to reply to a twitter user. E.g. @StoneAtwine @normzo Orange Uganda is a very new entrant into that market & best of class, so they’re able to screw us over. #nocompetition

# (Hashtag):A hash symbol is used to comment about a certain topic in a tweet so that people searching for it can easily find it. Searching for #iran will give you all the tweets that contain news about Iran

Twitterer/Tweeter: Someone who uses Twitter

Tweeple: People who use Twitter

Tweeps: Twitter friends that one is constantly in touch with. Think about ‘Peeps’

Twitterati: A-list Twitter users or Twitter élite. These usually have a big number of followers and are somewhat famous and influential in Twitter circles. These include people like @chrisbrogan, @Scobleizer, @GuyKawasaki, @mashable, @aplusk and @tmsruge (upon request in comments below).

Twittosphere: The collective group of people who tweet.

Link: Including a URL in your tweet.

Feel free to add some common twitter terms that I might have left out in the comments.